Hi! I’m Jill Molloy, a Web Developer with more than six years of experience in the industry. I have worked as both a Designer and a Developer. I specialize in WordPress theme development, but I’m comfortable working in any environment, including PHP, Ruby on Rails or pure JavaScript. I live in Santa Monica, California.

I really enjoying taking on challenging projects that require me to think and push my skills further than before. I have a hard time walking away from a problem before it is solved and I enjoy working in teams of talented individuals that will provide alternate perspectives and approaches to the tasks at hand.

Please explore my Resume and my Portfolio and be sure to Contact Me if you have any questions or projects that you would like to collaborate on.

Developer Tools

I’m currently working between a Mac Pro and a Mac Book Pro, using Dropbox to sync my databases and project files. I use Sublime Text 3 as a text editor, iTerm2 for my terminal and Google Chrome as my go–to browser.

I’ll generally write all my CSS using Sass as a preprocessor and I compile it using Grunt. I also use the LiveReload plugin which automatically refreshes my browser upon changes to my project.

For my PHP and MySQL projects, I use MAMP Pro and Sequel Pro. I run my Rails and Node.js projects from the command line.

I have created a framework as a general starting point for my projects that can be found on GitHub. This is a useful starting point and can be easily adapted, depending on the project requirements.

I always incorporate version control into my projects. While I have worked with both SVN and Git, I do have a preference for Git. My public repositories and a few private or collaborative projects are hosted on GitHub. I use BitBucket for my private projects. I use a combination of the command line and a client for version control. Tower for Git and Versions for SVN.

Finally, I have an Adobe Creative Cloud subscrption, mainly for the use of Photoshop and Illustrator. I use Illustrator for creating icons, SVG graphics, wireframes, mockups and website designs. I use Photoshop for general image tasks and to reference PSD designs provided to me by clients.